Law Enforcement Jobs Explained: The Role of a School Resource Officer

Law enforcement is one of those jobs with a vast array of possibilities and multiple routes you can choose for your career. One that isn’t always thought about is a position as a school resource officer. We’ve highlighted some of the responsibilities of a school resource officer here so you can know what the job entails and if it’s something for you. 

The purpose of the school resource officer is to promote a safe learning environment for students, staff and parents.They provide crime prevention and law enforcement services to all people involved in school based activities (both on and off campus) and often work with other law enforcement agencies as well.

A school resource officer needs to be very alert to identify any potential problems beforehand and respond to them appropriately. They are responsible for instructing a wide variety of information and helping coordinate emergency response plans that are quick and practical.

Overall, SROs act as a role model and mentor to many students, so they have a big opportunity to be visible in the school community and build genuine relationships with the students, staff and families. They work in elementary, middle and high schools

The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department is currently hiring for School Resource Officer positions. If you want to make a difference in the school community or learn more about the role, you can click here for more information.