Life in Lexington County

Location that can't be beat

With a pleasant climate and access to Lake Murray, known as “The Jewel of South Carolina,” it’s everything you need to live a laid-back lifestyle and achieve the ideal work-life balance. With beautiful sandy beaches, breathtaking mountain views and large event arenas all within a few hours - you’ll also never run out of day trip or weekend getaway opportunities living in Lexington County.

Lake Murry

Working hand in hand

It’s not everywhere that you have the community’s back, and they have yours. We are fortunate to have unparalleled support from our community - from our elected officials to the individuals we serve.

sheriff's department officer high fiving young boy

Top of the line living

Those who live in Lexington County can attest to the outstanding quality of life it provides. The cost of living is reasonable, the county’s school districts are among South Carolina’s best and the county holds one of highest health rankings in the state. If you’re looking for a place to raise or start a family, look no further.

Father and Daughter


You belong in Lexington County

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