Deputy Spotlight: Arcadeus DuBard

Investigator Arcadeus DuBard never pictured himself working in law enforcement, but he credits the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department for his career advancement.

His parents were truck drivers, so his childhood was spent playing with trucks and pondering whether he wanted to have a career like his mom and dad. It wasn’t until DuBard went to college that he thought about a law enforcement career, as he had to decide how to use his criminal justice degree. 

DuBard began gaining experience in college as an intern with a local sheriff’s department. He then went on to work in security helping school resource officers and eventually landed a position in the South Carolina Department of Mental Health’s Public Safety Division. Those experiences helped him understand law enforcement was where he wanted to be.

DuBard now finds himself thriving at the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department. He started his career as a road deputy, which was originally his career goal, but his co-workers saw more potential.

He then served as a field training officer and worked his way up to a first-line supervisor as a master deputy, before doing some time as a detective in the major crimes unit. Now, he serves in the narcotics unit.



“I moved up very quickly here at the Sheriff’s Department,” DuBard said. “Everybody’s always trying to find the next step in their career, and the agency is actually assisting these people to get there, which makes that movement happen a lot quicker.”

As the Sheriff’s Department assisted in his career advancement, DuBard consistently noticed how different the atmosphere was compared to the other places he has worked. 

“It seems like you’re coming into a family atmosphere…like Sunday dinner at mom’s house,” DuBard said. “The atmosphere here is more conducive to the type of person I am, which is a family-oriented person.” 

While DuBard values working at the Sheriff’s Department, he also cherishes the community he serves to protect. 

“The community atmosphere in Lexington County makes it a great home,” DuBard said. “You can’t go three days without one of the citizens here coming up to you and thanking you for your service…Some agencies around the country will tell you they don’t have that.”

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