International Women’s Day: Celebrating Four Women at Lexington County Sheriff’s Department

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it is with immense pride and admiration that we turn our attention to these four women of the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department. These remarkable individuals stand as examples of dedication, resilience and leadership, contributing significantly to LCSD’s unparalleled success.


Brittany Patrick – Guiding Light in Recruitment

As one of the driving forces of LCSD’s recruitment process, HR Specialist Brittany Patrick guides applicants from their first steps to becoming integral members of the LCSD family. A Lexington County native, Patrick’s commitment to creating a welcoming and familial atmosphere speaks volumes about the positive culture that permeates LCSD. 

Patrick says, “surrounding yourself with very goal-oriented people who want to provide for their community creates a very high morale. Having everyone around you love their job makes you love yours even more.”

Her emphasis on work-life balance and the agency’s high morale are testaments to the supportive environment she helps foster.


Carlee Hatchell – Crafting Connectivity Through Media

Carlee Hatchell, the Public Information Coordinator, is the mastermind behind LCSD’s social media presence. Through her engaging content, she offers the community a unique window into the dynamic and fast-paced environment at LCSD. Beginning her journey at the agency as an intern, Hatchell’s journey underscores LCSD’s commitment to growth and support, creating a family-oriented atmosphere

“Every company and organization will say that they have a family atmosphere, but here they really do,” Hatchell says. 

Her work not only informs but also inspires, connecting the agency with the community in meaningful ways.


Sgt. LaTanya Pough – A Beacon of Training and Encouragement

LaTanya Pough’s journey from detention deputy to sergeant highlights LCSD’s focus on training and professional development. Pough finds fulfillment in guiding inmates through challenging times, and witnessing their successful reintegration into the community. 

Pough says her job is not “for the weak or faint of heart, however, I’m not weak or faint of heart.”

Her commitment to leadership and encouragement stands as a beacon of strength and resilience, showcasing the qualities essential in law enforcement.



Lt. Marlo McCann – A 28-Year Legacy of Dedication

Marlo McCann’s 28-year tenure at LCSD, peaking in her role as the first female lieutenant of the Major Crimes Unit, is a testament to her unwavering dedication and progression within the agency. 

McCann says, “I love Lexington County. I’ve watched it grow over the years… It has been neat to work and live here, and see how things have changed over the years.”

Balancing personal challenges as a single mom, McCann’s story resonates with determination and resilience. Her enduring passion for her work and love for Lexington County exemplifies the commitment of LCSD’s women to the community.


As we applaud these and other exceptional women at the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department on International Women’s Day, we celebrate not just their achievements but their collective strength, diversity and dedication. These stories not only contribute to the safety and well-being of the Lexington County community but also serve as inspiration for future generations of women who dream of a career in law enforcement. Let us join hands in honoring and celebrating the inspiring spirit of the women of LCSD, who continue to make a lasting impact on our community and beyond.

Aspiring to be a female leader is a goal we are here to help you reach at our agency. Check out our current jobs to find the right fit for you. We are here to help support anyone with their path through law enforcement. Not only is LCSD dedicated to our community, we are dedicated to the success of each individual ready to make an impact. Contact us today.