Veterans Day is an important moment to honor the 16.5 million servicemen and women who’ve served and protected our country with a whole variety of events and parades across the state.  

It’s a day that means a lot to many of our team here in the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department

We’re lucky to have welcomed many veterans looking to continue to serve the community and country over the years. 

Working across a wide variety of roles, you’ll find people such as SRO Durco protecting and guiding students in our schools, as well as Deputy Kalie Natale, who enlisted in the Army when she was 19.

We’re grateful for the time, skills and dedication they bring to the community and the department, and, on this day, we take an extra moment to reflect, recognize and thank them for their prior service as part of our armed forces. 

In South Carolina, veterans make up more than 10% of the adult population, compared to around 6-7% nationally. 

That’s why we’re committed to continually supporting and welcoming veterans to our department via a number of important initiatives.

For over five years, we’ve been an Army Partnership for Your Success (PaYs) agency. The program represents a unique partnership between the U.S. Army and businesses or public sector agencies. Established to help soldiers balance their present and future careers, PaYs partners guarantee veterans an interview and the potential for employment after their Army service. 

 As well as being a PaYs agency, we’re part of the Army Career Skills Program (CSP). This program encourages soldiers to grasp the many training and development opportunities available to them during their Army careers, opening up a wide variety of employment opportunities after leaving the military. 

We’re proud to be a CSP employer and have already had five soldiers take advantage of this program with two continuing on to become part of the LCSD team. 

Whether you’re a veteran or currently serving in the military and looking ahead to the future, we encourage you to contact our team at join@lcsd.sc.gov or the Continuing Education Center on their base for more information about the CSP and other programs. 

To the veterans who continue their service as part of our team and to all veterans across the U.S., we offer you our sincere thanks and gratitude on this day and always for your dedication to our great nation.