Benefits of Working in Detention

Whether you know a career in law enforcement is right for you and you’re looking for the right role or you’re on a journey to find a rewarding career path, we want to highlight some of the many benefits of working within detention. As a deputy in detention, your main job purpose is to provide for the safety of the staff and inmates, but there are many more benefits that come with the job.

One great perk of working within detention is the job security and opportunities. In an age where many jobs are or are at risk of being replaced by robots and AI, this job is one that will likely never go away. There will always be a need for it and that allows you the opportunity for a long-term career to grow and excel in. Working in detention also allows you the chance to work in an active environment that changes daily, so it doesn’t feel mundane like classic office work might. 

Another key benefit to consider is that working as a government employee often means deputies can qualify for earlier retirements, competitive benefit and insurance packages, and robust pension plans. With South Carolina recently signing a bill allowing 18-year-olds to work in corrections, it means those as young as 18 can begin their training to be a detention deputy as long as they have a high school diploma. This means young adults have the chance to avoid student debt as no college degree is needed (though certain degrees can always help) and training is provided once hired. Even without a four-year degree, there’s a high earning potential that can continue to increase the longer you work.

Lastly, a role in detention allows you to really hone your skills to become a more well-rounded individual. There will be difficult situations and challenges, these allow you to build on your leadership and problem-solving skills. You’ll be surrounded in a diverse environment with people from different backgrounds and life experiences, which gives you new perspectives on life. There’s also an element of working in detention that strengthens your physical stamina and agility.

If any of this sounds appealing to you, you might just be a perfect fit for a job within detention. We have openings for detention deputies at the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department and encourage you to apply if you’d love to be part of a wonderful community.